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Brake Repairs

Brakes are the single most important safety feature of your car.

Contact us on (07) 3153 4136 to book your car into Tyrepower North Lakes for a FREE Brake Inspection.

Brake Repairs

When driving the brakes in your car are directly responsible for reducing your travelling speed, bringing the vehicle to a complete stop, preventing over-acceleration going downhill and keeping your car stationary when parked. A lack of maintenance to your cars braking system can cause poor brake performance as well as increased car maintenance costs caused by unnecessarily worn components, such as your tyres. It is important to have your brakes regularly inspected, cleaned and adjusted by a qualified technician.

Break Repair

If your car doesn’t stop as well as it used to, is making some strange noises or the steering wheel shudders when you brake, it’s time to book your car into Tyrepower North Lakes for a FREE Brake Inspection. We can diagnose your vehicle’s brake problems and offer brake repair solutions to meet your budget.

Our qualified and trained specialist mechanics can carry out all your vehicle’s brake repair needs and deliver the best possible workmanship using only quality brake parts, such as Bendix brake pads. As part of our FREE Brake Inspection we will thoroughly check your disc rotors and disc brake pads or drum shoes for signs of wear including a full master cylinder and brake fluid examination. We can also assist with replacing your tyres.


Call us on (07) 3153 4136 to book your car in for a FREE Brake Inspection or visit us in-store.

Seven Point Brake Checklist

To help protect the safety of you and your loved ones, follow the Seven Point Brake Checklist. If you notice any or all of them, it is time to get your brakes professionally inspected & checked.

  • Loss of grip when braking
  • The feeling of your car pulling left or right when braking
  • A spongy, soft or low brake pedal
  • Shuddering through your steering wheel when braking
  • Squeals, screeches and high-pitched noises when braking
  • Your brake system warning light flashes
  • Your car takes longer to stop than normal
Seven Point Brake Checklist

Why is brake disc rotor care so important?

The brake disc rotors are a vital part of the braking system. The discs are circular metal plates in which the brake pad is forced up against to slow or stop the car. The smoother the surface, the more efficiently friction can be obtained to slow your car. So when new brake pads are fitted, machining or replacement (if worn below acceptable roadworthiness limits) of disc rotors will ensure your safety and the maximum possible braking efficiency.

Brake Disc Rotor Care

The importance of brake fluid replacement

When you bring your car in for a FREE Brake Inspection at Tyrepower North Lakes, your service technician will inspect and test your vehicle’s brake fluid to determine if you need it changed.

Most vehicle manufacturers recommend that brake fluid is replaced every 2 years, regardless of the mileage travelled.

Brake Fluid Replacement

Brake Bleeding

Have you ever experienced the brake pedal in your car becoming soft & spongy like? This may mean there is air built up in the cars braking system and its time to book your car into Tyrepower North Lakes for a FREE brake inspection.

Contact us on (07) 3153 4136 to book your car into Tyrepower North Lakes for a FREE brake inspection.

Tyrepower North Lakes, for all your brake repair needs in, North Lakes, Mango Hill, Griffin, Narangba, Kallangur, Dakabin, Burpengary and Brendale.

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